Monday, August 10, 2015

Brunei Trip for SG50 National Day weekend (6 - 9 Aug 2015)

SG50 Instax

Royal Brunei Airline for $436.00

Dive package, accommodation and meals full board for $380
Equipment rental for $30 x 2 days = $60
Nitrox for $10 x 6 tanks = $60
Special makan for $11
Total spending $947


Dive #1
Location: Dolphin Wreck
Max depth: 23.7m
Average depth: 14.1m
Bottom time: 49min (0948H - 1037H)
*Nitrox 32%

Dive #2
Location: Ice box
Max depth: 24.6m
Average depth: 19.8m
Bottom time: 48min (1215H - 1303H)
*Nitrox 32%

Dive #3
Location: Abana
Max depth: 13.6m
Average depth: 9.3m
Bottom time: 11min (1419H - 1430H)


Dive #4
Location: Blue Water Wreck
Max depth: 30.7m
Average depth: 21.5m
Bottom time: 40min (0859H - 0939H)
*Nitrox 32%

Dive #5
Location: Australian Wreck
Max depth: 31.2m
Average depth: 22.1m
Bottom time: 32min (1129H - 1201H)
*Nitrox 33%

Dive #6 & #7 cancelled due to weather and sea conditions


6 & 7 Aug

Quick bite before flight

Eat again on the plane

Arrived at Brunei International Airport

Driving at 140km/h

Room at Oceanic Quest

The key


Dining area


Preparing to launch the boat

First dive - sea state was rough and many were sea-sick

Dolphin wreck


Barely see my own fins


Lunch box

Warship in the vicinity, due to presence of Naval Base

Chart with the dive sites

Crossed the border to Limbang




Chicken wings


8 Aug 15


Blue water wreck


National Flag

Disembark the boat during low tide

Modified Bak Kuh Teh lunch - PORK !

They have proper area for cameras - Charging points and compress air.

Abandoned building

A long walk to Muara Beach

Durian that doesn't fit our taste. They are totally different compared to what we have in Singapore. The flesh is mushy and very strong taste and texture.


9 Aug 15


Guest book



Brunei International Airport


Taking off

Quite empty

In-flight food

Watch National Day fireworks from the plane

More pictures: Brunei Trip for SG50 National Day weekend (6 - 9 Aug 2015)

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