Thursday, May 29, 2014

MV Nautica (23-25 May 2014)

My 10th trip assist, assisting onboard "MV Nautica"

Dive #1
Location: Tumuk Bay
Max depth: 6.1m
Average depth : 4.9m
Bottom time: 47min (1011H - 1158H)

Dive #2
Location: Soyak Reef
Max depth: 6.4m
Average depth : 4.9m
Bottom time: 32min (1326H - 1358H)

Dive #3
Location: Marine Park
Max depth: 7.9m
Average depth : 5.2m
Bottom time: 43min (1712H - 1755H)

MV Nautica at Punggol Marina Country Club Pier 1

Preparing to slip off

Trip briefing


MV Nautica floor plan

First breakfast


BBQ Dinner

BBQ Dinner: Bee hoon, hotdog, chicken wing, prawn, fries, potato salad and corn.


Dive #4
Location: Pirate Reef
Max depth: 8.8m
Average depth : 6.7m
Bottom time: 58min (0737H - 0835H)

Dive #5
Location: Renggis Island
Max depth: 18.6m
Average depth : 12.2m
Bottom time: 29min (0947H - 1016H)

Prata and hashbrown for breakfast

Met another group


Teabreak: Pancake, toast and donut... top it up with honey and nutella


Logging dives

Instax for the group

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pool assist (17 May 2014)

Preparing the gears

Alternate air source

Equipment removal underwater

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Kailing (1 May 2014)

Hello Kitty Instax

Plain instax

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Labour day (1 May 2014)

Tian Kee & Co (Old Provision Shop)
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Empty apartment


Feeding time for meow

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