Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tioman trip (14-16 Mar 2014)

My 9th trip assist, leading leisure divers on "Princess"

Hope all the divers in leisure group 1 enjoyed the trip.

First time trying the red filter on GoPro, but I cracked it.

Thanks to all who took care of me when I'm unwell.

Dive #1
Location: Monkey bay
Max depth: 15.1m
Bottom time: 33min (0942H - 1015H)
Sightings: cuttlefish, blue spotted stingray, moray eel

Dive #2
Location: Labas
Max depth: 12.5m
Bottom time: 41min (1359H - 1440H)
Sightings: blacktip sharks

Dive #3
Location: Renggis
Max depth: 10.6m
Bottom time: 43min (0933H - 1016H)
Sightings: titan triggerfishes

Dive #4
Location: Monkey bay
Max depth: 12.2m
Bottom time: 43min (1202H - 1245H)
Sightings: blue spotted stingray

Getting ready for dive

Huge cuttlefish


Playing underwater



My OWD buddy

More pictures: Tioman trip (14-16 Mar 2014)

Sunday, March 09, 2014

SPI Overnight Investigation at St John’s Island (8 Mar 2014)

$18.00 ticket to St John's Island


Watch tower

The room


Preparing for the trek

The basketball court

Chess board

Hilltop buidling

Likely to be accommodation

Likely to be abandoned in around 2010, with newspapers and dated documents. This room seems to be a monitoring center for the CCTVs install over the island.


GPS log

Preparing the lightsticks

Preparing for the BBQ

We've got sambal stingray, sambal fish, sambal sotong, otah, butter corn, chicken wings, satays etc...

BBQ drumlets

Cooking in the kitchen

Chicken wings

Sharing session

SPI setting equipment for investigation

Sardines with bread for breakfast before setting off.


It was an interesting trip because I've never camp overnight at St Johns Island before, needless to say doing paranormal investigation. I was expecting a very scientifically planned investigation with sophisticated equipment to perform data collection and analysis. The Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) used very simple devices. Of significant, the "Ghost Meter Pro" which detects electromagnetic fields looks too much like a toy and I do have some reservations on the reliability of it.

I would expect a computer capable of compiling all the data

More pictures: SPI Overnight Investigation at St John’s Island (8 Mar 2014)