Saturday, May 20, 2006

My "cruise trip" pictures (3 Feb - 11 Mar 2006)

Let me start off by posting some pictures in my blog... Here are some pictures I've taken during my "cruise trip" quite some time ago...

Arh... Feel like drinking now... Btw, they are all duty-free one... Too bad cannot "da bao" back to Singapore

Sunrise and sunset pictures? Shoot until sian for close to one month....

Visit the famous Grand Royal Palace

Bangkok night...

Well, I dun really shop

One of my fav shot

Yummy donuts

Mother nature!

Well, for the trip to ZhanJiang, China, I was kinda disappointed. I don't get to really see dogs literally "hanging" around, not running along the streets, but on hooks in front of street hawkers... Cruel minded, you may think of me. But that's not something you get to see in Singapore... You see it on TV, internet, magazines etc but not with yourself physically there... It's something special which I wish to shoot.. How sad unable to get the shot I wanted...

More pictures: My "cruise trip" pictures (3 Feb - 11 Mar 2006)

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