Friday, August 25, 2006


24 August 2006
Today is a milestone. I finally upgraded my camera.
Here's what I've bought:
- D70s (body only)
- Tamron 28mm-75mm f2.8 (plus UV filter)
- Nikon 50mm f1.8

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For those who dunno anything about photography, you can skip this paragraph...
I've got D70s instead of D80 which will be out very soon. No doubt D80 is more powerful, but its also more expensive! Anyway, I dun need 10.2 megapixel also. 6mp is good enough for me. Tamron 28mm-75mm f2.8 instead of kit lense is because of the aperature is wider compared to f3.5 in the kit len. Hence it can produce a better bokeh (blur background). Moreover, it is also a macro lense. I was comparing with the 70mm-300mm f4-f5.6, but chosen the prime lense instead because your leg is the best zoom. So I put that on "KIV" (keep in view). But may get the 18mm-200mm with VR OR 80mm-400mm f4.5-f5.6 with VR instead, but they are really expensive lenses. Didn't get a flash yet. Put SB800 on standby for now. Sad that I have no backup batteries, and only one 1GB compact flash card.

Looking back at my older and other digital cameras...
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My main cameras...
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22 August 2006
Ran over from Suntec City for "Practical Studio Lighting" course at SLCC at 8pm. There's really alot of thing I do not know about studio lighting. Learnt a lot of stuff. I hope that I will be more proficient in my photography skills and more capable after this course. Studio shoot anyone? After this course, the next one will be "Makeover course". From this course, I will learn more about makeup, posing, lighting for portrait shoots and model shoots... But... Lessons end very late! But, for that passion for photography, I will make it!

And now, this is the 3rd design of my self-made namecard...
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