Saturday, August 20, 2011

Little India (20 Aug 2011)

An early morning shoot with Mathias and another coursemate, Joey, to Little India. The objective was for Mathias to see how we shoot documentary photography. Mathias followed Joey first while I had my roti prata breakfast. I attempted to shoot the roti prata man, but gave up in the end feeling that it is too mainstream and decided to find other subjects. Finally, I came to Sin Hoe Choon, a traditional noodle making supplier, at 41 Campbell Lane.

There was no difficulty in the approach to get permission to take photos in their compound and I can move around at will. It was an eye opening opportunity to see how noodles are made from the simplest ingredients such as flour and water to how they are finally packed for distribution.

I wouldn't say I'm satisfied with this series because if the audience can't understand what's going on from looking at the pictures, then the photos failed; and I think these set of photos failed to deliver the message.

Quote: "If a photo speaks a thousand words, then why need captions when the photos should speak for themselves?"

Sin Hoe Choon Noodles

More pictures: Little India (20 Aug 2011)

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