Monday, August 20, 2012

LOB MV THE ARK (17-20 Aug 12)

A Live-On-Board (LOB) over the Hari Raya Puasa weekend for SGD$899. The LOB was a luxurious experience as there is no need to go through the pain of 4hrs coach ride to Mersing jetty and another 4hrs boat ride to Tioman/Dayang. You can practically sleep peacefully onboard while the boat sails and when you wake up, you are ready to dive. The other advantage of LOB is you get to go dive sites that are further away from resorts, hence less human activities which means better visibility and sightings.

Dive #1
Location: Bahara Lighthouse
Depth: 16m
Bottom time: 31min (0825H - 0856H)

Dive #2
Location: Tiger Reef
Depth: 23.6m
Bottom time: 46min (1129H - 1215H)

Dive #3
Location: Scorpion Wreck
Depth: 21.6m
Bottom time: 40min (1555H - 1635H)

Dive #4
Location: Scorpion Wreck (revisit)
Depth: 21.9m
Bottom time: 39min (1817H - 1853H)

Dive #5
Location: Scorpion Wreck (Night Dive)
Depth: 22.4m
Bottom time: 36min (2044H - 2120H)


Dive #6
Location: Shark Cove
Depth: 21.9m
Bottom time: 48min (0815H - 0903H)

Dive #7
Location: Chebeh
Depth: 23.5m
Bottom time: 44min (1054H - 1138H)

Dive #8
Location: Pemanggil island
Depth: 11.8m
Bottom time: 38min (1536H - 1614H)

Dive #9
Location: Pulau Lang
Depth: 18.1m
Bottom time: 48min (1831H - 1919H)


Dive #10
Location: Rayner's Rock
Depth: 23.3m
Bottom time: 49min (0748H - 0837H)

Dive #11
Location: Pinnacles I
Depth: 26.3m
Bottom time: 51min (0952H - 1043H)


Equipment check at night

First dive at Bahara Lighthouse. Current was relatively strong.

There were multiple swim-throughs


Scorpion fish


Turtle sighting

BBQ session

Dive Master (Mun) and Serene making chuttle-fish sashimi

MV The Ark

On the way back to Singapore through the anchorage area

Group photo

More pictures: LOB MV THE ARK (17-20 Aug 12)

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