Monday, September 23, 2013

Malapascua diving trip (18-23 Sep 2013)

Booked Cebu Pacific Air ticket as early as 12 Jun 13

$235 for return trip, 20kg luggage allowance.

Package was $889 and I added $250 for additional night as well as rental of BCD + Regulator.


18 Sep 13

Dive #1
Location: Ka-Osting
Max depth: 17.0m
Average depth : 12.8m
Bottom time: 56min (1147H - 1243H)

Dive #2
Location: Deep Rock
Max depth: 23.7m
Average depth : 16.4m
Bottom time: 55min (1527H - 1622H)

Boarding pass

Getting ready to fly

Ceiling in the plane dropped!

Arrived at Cebu airport

Loading up the van...

Long journey to the jetty...

Prepare for the boat ride

Staying at Tepanee Beach Resort. Average accommodate, but the water taste weird when you try to brush your teeth

Preparing for first dive







Preparing to ascend

Dinner at Angelina was slow. Even heard from fellow divers that they saw the chef smoking while cooking!


19 Sep 13

Dive #3
Location: Monad Shoal
Max depth: 32.0m
Average depth : 20.4m
Bottom time: 44min (0606H - 0650H)
*Nitrox 33%

Dive #4
Location: Bak Haw
Max depth: 11.8m
Average depth : 8.8m
Bottom time: 61min ( 1030H - 1131H)

Dive #5
Location: Bantiques
Max depth: 13.7m
Average depth : 8.5m
Bottom time: 57min (1408H - 1505H)

Getting the Nitrox ready for Thresher shark dive

Going deep

Thresher shark at Monad Shoal

Full Monty breakfast

Sea snake

Dive sites of Malapascua

Dinner at La Isla Bonita was extremely slow. It is unable to take many orders at one go. It took about 2 hours for all the food to be served. The chicken breast meat I had was extremely oily and bad.


20 Sep 13

Dive #6
Location: Quiliano
Max depth: 21.6m
Average depth : 15.5m
Bottom time: 42min (1032H - 1114H)

Dive #7
Location: Bak Haw
Max depth: 10.3m
Average depth : 8.2m
Bottom time: 61min (1402H - 1503H)

Banana pancake

Club sandwich

Crab on urchin

Mabuhay Bar and Restaurant was slow as well. The grilled barracuda dish I had was too dry and taste horrible.


21 Sep 13

Dive #8
Location: Monad Shoal
Max depth: 29.5m
Average depth : 18.5m
Bottom time: 45min (0635H - 0720H)

Dive #9
Location: North Wall
Max depth: 25.0m
Average depth : 18.9m
Bottom time: 33min (0830H - 0903H)
*Nitrox 31.1%

Dive #10
Location: Bantique
Max depth: 7.6m
Average depth : 4.5m
Bottom time: 1800H - 1857H)
*Night dive

Night dive

Spanish dancer

Guo Qiang's birthday at Kokays Maldito

Finally a decent dinner.


22 Sep 13

Dive #11
Location: Monad Shoal
Max depth: 32.6m
Average depth : 16.4m
Bottom time: 51min (0636H - 0727H)

Dive #12
Location: Bugtong
Max depth: 28.3m
Average depth : 19.5m
Bottom time: 36min (1103H - 1139H)

Dive #13
Location: North Wall
Max depth: 24.3m
Average depth : 18.2m
Bottom time: 45min (1454H - 1539H)


Roasted chicken for PHP 180 each

Dinner at Kokays Maldito again - Grilled prawns




On the way to Cebu Airport

Shopping for dried mango


Bought thresher shark fridge magnets, dark chocolate, dried mangoes, biscuits and 2 softtoy crabs.

More pictures: Malapascua diving trip (18-23 Sep 2013)

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