Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tioman trip (14-16 Mar 2014)

My 9th trip assist, leading leisure divers on "Princess"

Hope all the divers in leisure group 1 enjoyed the trip.

First time trying the red filter on GoPro, but I cracked it.

Thanks to all who took care of me when I'm unwell.

Dive #1
Location: Monkey bay
Max depth: 15.1m
Bottom time: 33min (0942H - 1015H)
Sightings: cuttlefish, blue spotted stingray, moray eel

Dive #2
Location: Labas
Max depth: 12.5m
Bottom time: 41min (1359H - 1440H)
Sightings: blacktip sharks

Dive #3
Location: Renggis
Max depth: 10.6m
Bottom time: 43min (0933H - 1016H)
Sightings: titan triggerfishes

Dive #4
Location: Monkey bay
Max depth: 12.2m
Bottom time: 43min (1202H - 1245H)
Sightings: blue spotted stingray

Getting ready for dive

Huge cuttlefish


Playing underwater



My OWD buddy

More pictures: Tioman trip (14-16 Mar 2014)

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