Sunday, March 22, 2015

Johor trip (21 & 22 Mar 2015)

Taking AC7, crossing over to Johor was smooth

Restoran Kin Wah 锦华餐室, Johor Bahru

Bread coffee and kuehs

Starting on a 4D jigsaw puzzle...

Sze Hwa 世华 Bak Kut Teh

Must have Youtiao

Happy Land Café 欢乐园饮冰室


Ice kacang, ice mango and rojak

Fried chicken - Ho Chiak!

My Liberica Kulai

Coffee time

Nice interior


Travel the world!

Back to the 4D puzzle

Completed the 4D jigsaw puzzle

Butter on my lap

Happily cooking the bee hoon

Foot massage at Eminent Reflexology皇足轩旗舰分行




Where got people 7 early, 8 early put Spade 2 one???


Lo Hei cheat sheet

More choices

Waited for more than 45 min for AC7...

Gave up and took one of these blue coloured buses

Google GPS track

More pictures: Johor trip (21 & 22 Mar 2015)

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