Monday, June 29, 2015

OWD and AOWD at Dayang (26 - 28 Jun 2015)

My 6th teaching dive: OWD + AOWD

Dive #1
Location: Teluran
Max depth: 8.2m
Average depth: 4.3m
Bottom time: 38min (1143H - 1221H)

Dive #2
Location: Atlantis Bay
Max depth: 11.2m
Average depth: 5.5m
Bottom time: 29min (1439H - 1508H)

Dive #3
Location: Lang Bay
Max depth: 9.6m
Average depth: 6.1m
Bottom time: 35min (1713H - 1748H)

Dive #4
Location: Dayang House Reef
Max depth: 12.1m
Average depth: 8.8m
Bottom time: 39min (1924H - 2003H)
*Night Dive


Dive #5
Location: Dayang Tip
Max depth: 24.4m
Average depth: 10.4m
Bottom time: 25min (0832H - 0857H)

Dive #6
Location: Batu Kuti
Max depth: 12.2m
Average depth: 7.8m
Bottom time: 41min (1017H - 1058H)



Tuas Checkpoint

Mcdonalds for pitstop

Group photo before dive

Interaction time

Drinking wine with bowl


Moray eel

Group photo

Stickers time

Log book of stickers...

... and instax

More pictures: OWD and AOWD at Dayang (26 - 28 Jun 2015)

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