Sunday, November 01, 2015

ADA crew trip to Dayang (30 Oct - 1 Nov 2015)

All photos taken using Olympus TG-4

• No flash
• No torch
• No red filter
• Natural light
• Shot in jpeg instead of RAW


Dive #1
Location: Rayner's Rock
Max depth: 27.8m
Average depth: 14.8m
Bottom time: 45min (0945H- 1030H)

Dive #2
Max depth: 26.5m
Average depth: 15.3m
Bottom time: 52min (1320H - 1412H)

Dive #3
Max depth: 29.2m
Average depth: 10.3m
Bottom time: 66min (1539H - 1645H)

Dive #4
Location: Lang Bay
Max depth: 12.1m
Average depth: 8.8m
Bottom time: 28min (1857H - 1925H)
*Night Dive


Mandatory chicken rice stop

Family meal for MYR 26.40

Dive 1

Christmas tree worm


Testing new waterproof pouch

The waterproof pouch seems to be ok even during deep dives


Spot the master of disguise


Goniobranchus coi


Light-sticks with Skull and Pumpkin head for Halloween

More pictures: ADA crew trip to Dayang (30 Oct - 1 Nov 2015)

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