Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tenggol AOWD (9 - 12 Sep 16)

6th teaching trip of 2016, 19th teaching trip

Dive #1
Location: Turtle point
Max depth: 11.5m
Average depth: 7.4m
Bottom time: 40min (1130H - 1210H)

Dive #2
Location: Gua Rajawali
Max depth: 17.0m
Average depth: 9.5m
Bottom time: 35min (1503H - 1538H)

Dive #3
Location: Fisherman wreck / TV wreck
Max depth: 20.2m
Average depth: 12.6m
Bottom time: 32min (1722H - 1754H)


Dive #4
Location: Tokong Timur
Max depth: 26.5m
Average depth: 15.8m
Bottom time: 23min (0946H - 1009H)

Dive #5
Location: Tanjung Gemuk
Max depth: 19.3m
Average depth: 10.0m
Bottom time: 46min (1247H - 1333H)

Dive #6
Location: *Whale Shark Point
Max depth: 17.8m
Average depth: 9.6m
Bottom time: 37min (1541H - 1618H)

Dive #7
Location: *Whale Shark Point
Max depth: 15.1m
Average depth: 6.5m
Bottom time: 35min (1746H - 1821H)

*The site "Whale Shark point" was just random. We were transiting to another dive site when we had reports of whale shark sighting while en-route. Hence, we just jumped in. It was around Gua Rajawali


No jam at the custom even though it was a long weekend

Pitstop at Yong Peng

Fried chicken

Arrived at about 6.45am, and had a breakfast at McDonalds


The boarding location

Departing at about 8am

Speedboat transfer (1hr)

Arrived at Tenggol Coral Beach Resort

The room

The bathroom



The fisherman wreck

also known as the TV wreck


Tokong Timur

Tenggol Coral Beach Resort (Sep 16) - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The Tenggol Coral Beach Resort

Whaleshark mural


#鲸鲨 #Whaleshark

Mobula rays

BBQ dinner

Logbook time


brochure scan


More pictures: Tenggol AOWD (9 - 12 Sep 16)

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