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Belitung (14 - 16 Oct 2016)

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Summary of cost:
- Batam Fast ferry: $48 per pax
- Lion Air Flight: IDR 2,440,600 (SGD$253.80)
- Tour package by USD$399 for two (IDR 4,907,000 or SGD$538.92)

Cost per pax: $477.35

The SGD to IDR rate is dropping; I changed at SGD$299.80 to IDR 2,800,000


Flight plan(LionAir)

Flight: IW 2276 (1 stop at Pangkal Pinang PGK)
12:40 14:55

Flight: IW 2277 (1 stop Pangkal Pinang PGK)
15:15 17:30

*The original price (per pax) was IDR 1,422,000 (SGD$147.50) increased to IDR 1,488,000 (SGD$189.89) and up to IDR 2,440,600 (SGD$253.80) at some point (which I was double-charged, but managed to get refund)

Ferry plan (BATAMFAST)

Harbourfront to Batam Center 
ETD 09:30 (Singapore Time)
ETA 09:40 WIB

Batam Center to Harbourfront

ETD 20:30 (Indonesia Time)
ETA 22:40 (SG)
*Changed the return journey at no additional cost

Harbour Bay to Harbourfront

ETD 21:20 (Indonesia Time)
ETA 23:10 (SG)

*SGD$48.00 per pax


Day 1

Ferry to Batam

Taxi from Batam Center to Batam Airport (Hang Nadim Airport, BTH) cost IDR 90,000 which is overpriced


Transit at Pangkal Pinang, Depati Amir Airport (PGK)

Visited the Danau Kaolin (Kaolin Lake) which is on the way towards the hotel

Kaolinite is a clay mineral, Al2Si2O5(OH)4, is responsible for the colour of the blueness.

The name derived from "Gaoling" (高嶺; literally: "High Ridge"), a Chinese village near Jingdezhen in southeastern China's Jiangxi Province

Arrived at the Central City 2 hotel

Common area

The room

3D map

Museum Tanjung Pandan

Re-filling water

Found a dive centre

Pasar Pujasena

Dinner at Dinasty

Tin ore

A typical local meal

Coffee time

The only KFC in Belitung

Bundaran Batu Satam at night


Day 2

Breakfast at hotel

Students going to school

Pasar Tradisional

Pasar Ikan


Turtle eggs

Resort that didn't materialise

Preparing for island hopping

Pulau Lengkuas - The lighthouse

No footwear allowed


#Belitung #PulauLengkuas #Lighthouse #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

360 in the lighthouse

Packed lunch

Too many tourist

Incoming storm





Nightlife at Tanjung Pendam Beach

Keladi cafe


Day 3

Revisited Kaolin lake


Revisited fish market

Coffee and tea delivery

Instead of going to Tanjung Tinggi, we headed East to Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Post office

Old stuffs


Kelenteng Fuk Tet Che


Changed plan to depart from Harbour Bay instead of Batam Center



Belitung isn't a place that has direct accessibility from Singapore. Having to take a ferry, taxi and flight, the time spent on getting to the destination probably isn't worth the effort or the cost. Due to limited time, we weren't able to visit the abandoned tin mine – Open Pit Kelapa Kampit. The tour package is generally acceptable with the driver being able to communicate with simple English. The vehicle used is also new and in good condition. I wasn't able to find out sufficient details to do SCUBA diving there, though there are reports for diving at Northern (Near Lengkuas Island) and Eastern (Manggar) side of Belitung.


More pictures: Belitung (14 - 16 Oct 2016)

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