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Timor Leste (26 Nov - 1 Dec 2016)

Flight details

Departure Flight

From: Singapore - ChangiTo: Dili - Nicolau Lobato
Flight DateFlightDepartureArrival
26/11/2016MI29609:25 SIN14:15 DIL

Return Flight

From: Dili - Nicolau LobatoTo: Singapore - Changi
Flight DateFlightDepartureArrival
01/12/2016MI29515:25 DIL18:10 SIN

Cost: AUD$865.55 (SGD$907.87)


Planning resources:

Map: is more detailed compared to Google maps

Brochure map


I was expecting the USD rate be towards my advantage from the United States presidential election, on 8 Nov 2016. However, it was quite the opposite; the election concluded at 9 Nov 16, 2.45am Eastern Standard Time (7.45am UTC) as shown in the red line below which is about USD$1 = $1.39026

Source: XE Currency Converter

Being hopeful, I waited, wishing that USD will drop due to the results, but I was wrong and had to exchange at USD$1 = SGD$1.428 (I will lose out USD$19 for every SGD$1000 exchanged)

Source: XE Currency Converter

My total spending is SGD$2,299.30 (Changed USD$700 plus the leftover USD from my Myanmar trip)

Although Timor Leste is a developing country, the expenses are quite high. This is probably one of the most expensive trip I've ever been on; a simple meal can cost more than SGD$10.


Day 1

Dive #1
Location: Dili Rock East
Max depth: 23.2m
Average depth: 13.3m
Bottom time: 69min (1606 - 1715)

Getting ready

Lunch on flight

Up above the clouds

Some Indonesia islands

Visa on arrival for USD$30

Diving with Aquatica Dive Resort

Room at Aquatica Dive Resort

The dive shop

Check-out dive

Evening walk-about

Fish-on-stick, pork belly, chicken and katupats for USD$6

Timor Plaza

Soft drinks for USD$0.50 each

Distance walked at night


Day 2

Dive #2
Location: Anemone Garden
Max depth: 23.8m
Average depth: 10.6m
Bottom time: 77min (1051 - 1208)

Dive #3
Location: The Track
Max depth: 26.2m
Average depth: 11.0m
Bottom time: 69min (1336 - 1445)


Mota Comoro river

New German Shepherd puppy in the house

On the way to the dive site

Lighthouse Farol

Motael Park

Getting dusty

Possible NTRL Kamenassa or NTRL Dili or NTRL Hera – ex-Republic of Korea Navy Chamsuri-class patrol boat

Anemone garden


So much trash

Local bus

Arquivo & Museu da Resistência Timorense (Based on reviews, there is an admission fee of USD$1 and photography is prohibited)


The Comoro River - It is actually possible to walk across the river during dry season

Comoro bridge

Night walk


Day 3

Dive #4
Location: Bubble beach
Max depth: 19.2m
Average depth: 10.1m
Bottom time: 62min (0942 - 1044)

Dive #5
Location: Cable Table
Max depth: 23.2m
Average depth: 11.8m
Bottom time: 60min (1159 - 1259)

Dive #6
Location: Tasi Tolu
Max depth: 19.7m
Average depth: 11.5m
Bottom time: 62min (1650 - 1752)


Tais Market

Presidência da República Democrática de Timor-Leste

Timor Leste flag

Morning cycling


Tasi Tolu, Timor Leste - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

360 at Tasi Tolu

Shooting macro stuffs



Into the night


Day 4

Dive #7
Location: K41
Max depth: 27.7m
Average depth: 12.5m
Bottom time: 64min (1036 - 1140)

Dive #8
Location: Secret Garden
Max depth: 16.6m
Average depth: 8.3m
Bottom time: 67min (1257 - 1404)

Fish congee



Grilled fish set

Banana Fritters with ice-cream

Wedding ceremony


Day 5

Dive #9
Location: Tasi Tolu
Max depth: 10.1m
Average depth: 4.6m
Bottom time: 71min (0930 - 1404)

Dive #10
Location: Tasi Tolu
Max depth: 19.2m
Average depth: 11.6m
Bottom time: 64min (1148 - 1252)

Wanton mee

TG Tracker

360 from the van

Tasi Tolu again

Dugong sighting

Local children doing spear fishing

Chicken burger

Children playing in the water

The Comoro river is dry (seasonal) and it is possible to walk across it

Neighbourhood kids

Arte Moris

Felt like it is an abandoned place

Sculptures from the artists

Starting to rain

Evening walk

Timor plaza


Food court


Snacks at USD$4.10 are extremely expensive

10-inch Seafood pizza for USD$13.95, and had an ice cappuccino for USD$3.50


Fish market

Slow internet speed


Day 6

Woke up 5am for sunrise at Cristo Rei


Although Google Maps recommended the approach from the East, it is possible to get to Cristo Rei via the West; use openstreetmap for better reference



Burger King at the Airport

Planes watching


Luggage check-in area

Waiting for boarding

Meal on flight



More pictures: Timor Leste (26 Nov - 1 Dec 2016)

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