Sunday, April 16, 2017

Good Friday dive trip to Tioman (14 - 16 Apr 2017)

Exchange rate was SGD$1.00 to MYR 3.14

Total expenses: SGD$360 approx


Dive #1
Location: Shore dive at Tioman Dive Buddy, Genting Village
Max depth: 5.8m
Average depth: 4.3m
Bottom time: 50min (1603H - 1653H)

Dive #2
Location: Chebah
Max depth: 20.7m
Average depth: 14.6m
Bottom time: 43min (1004H - 1047H)

Dive #3
Location: Malang Rock
Max depth: 15.2m
Average depth: 10.1m
Bottom time: 44min (1142H - 1226H)

Dive #4
Location: Renggis
Max depth: 13.7m
Average depth: 10.1m
Bottom time: 53min (1459H - 1552H)


Slow traffic...

We hired a drive to bring us from Kulai/JB to Mersing jetty (RM400 each way)

Conservation fee (Malaysian RM5 while non-Malaysian is RM30)

With the tickets, exchanged for the boarding pass

Waiting time was long with the crowd

Inside the ferry

Finally reached Genting Village

Long walk to Tioman dive buddy

Tioman Dive Buddy entrance

The place we stay

View from balcony

Inside the room

360 view of the room

Xiao bai

Shore dive


Random walkabout



The heavy weight "Narcosis burger" of Tioman. It's like 2 burger combined into 1; 2 piece patty, 2 eggs, 2 cheese and hotdog


Preparing the tanks

Choppy sea

Blue spotted stingray


Scorpion fish

Moray eel

Surface interval

Malang rock

Mini swim through

From the swimming pool



Narcosis burger again



Kids playing water


BBQ dinner

Nasi Lemak

View from KFC Mersing

Walk the causeway back to Singapore

More pictures: Good Friday dive trip to Tioman (14 - 16 Apr 2017)

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