Saturday, November 04, 2017

St John's Island (19 Nov 2017)

St John's Island is a ferry ride from Marina South Pier at $18 (round trip) and there is a MRT station. The ferry will make trips from MSP to St John's Island and Kusu Island.

- Ferry depart Marina South Pier (MSP) 9am
- Reach St John's island about 9.15am
- Depart St John's island 11:50pm
- Ferry will reach Kusu Island about 12pm, and depart 12.15pm
- If want to explore Kusu Island, ferry departs 2.15pm
- Reach back Marina South Pier (MSP) about 3pm

The mosque area is now under renovation



Foreign workers at work


Stairway to...

Abandoned building

Ferry back

Marina Bay Cruise Centre

More pictures: St Johns Island (19 Nov 2017)

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