Wednesday, February 09, 2011

LEICA M4-P Test shots (7 Feb 2011)

Bought a 2nd hand LEICA M4-P with Jupiter 50mm F2, test shots using Fujifilm Superia 200. Shots are taken without the use of lightmeter and a combination of shoot using viewfinder and waist-level shooting.

Lessons Learn
1. Camera must be loaded and ready at all times
2. Shooting thru viewfinder is too slow
3. Recording down the settings used for the previous shot is at the cost of missing another shot.
4. Lens cap is hindering
5. I need to improve in judging distance
6. Digital photography and lightmeters spoils your sensitivity to lights
7. Technical stuffs are for photographers, artists uses the "feel"
8. It's time to ditch DSLR.

Favourite shot of the day

Quote: "With an SLR you compose the picture in the camera. With the Leica rangefinder you have to see the picture, recognize it and then frame it." --- Elliott Erwitt

More pictures: LEICA M4-P Test shots (7 Feb 2011)

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