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芽笼夜色 - Nightlife of Geylang (3 Mar 11)

It has been quite some time since the last Geylang street shoot (9 Jan 2010)... Tried to do street photography at Geylang again after gaining much experience during the Little India shoot. Street shoot at Geylang is more challenging because it is a red-light district, hence there is a need to have more situation awareness when shooting. Unlike the Little India street shoot, it is hardly possible to shoot portraits of individuals/groups, or at least I'm not at the level that I dare to request for permissions... yet... Also, there are "no photography" signs clearly displayed outside "houses", hence to be able to get more insights inside the house wouldn't be easy.

Inspiration? - Here:
- Human Negotiations

Controversial? No idea...

Most shots were taken discreetly at waist-level because the DSLR is way too big and attention catching. The darkness of the night was insufficient to provide concealment for the camera and the shutter of the DSLR cannot be masked by the background noise. The "houses" along Geylang have watchmen whom keep a lookout for police as well as touting for business at the same time. It wasn't easy to hide a cameara from their watchful eyes. The LEICA (oh ya, one part broke today) came in more handy because the size is relatively smaller and quieter. However, it was loaded with only a film with ISO 800. The ISO for the D300 was pushed to 3200 and shutter speeds were still too slow to shoot in the darkess alleys where freelancers tried to get businesses.

While Geylang is a red-light district, it is also a place good food, street hawkers and accommodation area for foreign workers. Geylang provide plentiful photo opportunities and challenges for street photography. There isn't much chance that I can bring the camera to eye level to compose a shot, so it is also a test of my waist level shooting skills. Definitely will have to re-visit again, with a 30mm (on LEICA hopefully)...

Photos are left un-cropped.

Before sunset...

The number of neon-lights seem lesser than last visit

Street hawker

In the "not so dark" alley

Under constant surveillance

"Houses" with "Fish-tanks"

Grocery store that supply all the needs for the foreign workers staying in the area



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LEICA shots here: LEICA

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