Saturday, July 23, 2011

Geylang (22 Jul 2011)


Another challenge after the last shoot "芽笼夜色 - Nightlife of Geylang (3 Mar 11)".

6:14pm - A pinwheel against a mosque in the background.

6:16pm - Geylang football field where soccer players come to train

6:20pm - Doors are already open

6:51pm - A foreign worker preparing dinner while smiling to the camera.

7:05pm - As the sun set, the night will bring about more opportunities

7:13pm - Nyan?

7:34pm - Dinner with alcohol, boosting some guts and confidence for the challenge ahead.

8:51pm - Isolated alley

9:31pm - "Freelancers" soliciting business

9:43pm - Honouring the deities

9:45pm - Getai starts early at Lor6

10:02pm - Lion dance training

10:19pm - In extreme darkness, focusing gets tough. Even with ISO 2500, F1.4, the shutter was 1/8s

10:21pm - Backdoor

10:33pm - Minimarts that sell food to the foriegn workers here

10:41pm - Roti Prata man

10:42pm - The street

10:51pm - Durian stall

11:08pm - Street hawker

More pictures: Geylang (22 Jul 2011)

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