Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bintan Diving Trip (24-25 Nov 2012)

Due to the incoming Monsoon season, Tioman and Dayang are out. Therefore, I went to try out Bintan for leisure diving, and at the same time, test out the 2nd hand Suunto D6 dive computer I've got.

0643H: Preparing to check-in at Tenah Merah Ferry Terminal. It was surprising to see Ephraim and Yongxiang again for this trip as they were my instructor and DM respectively for my OWD course.

0807G: Arrival at Bandar Bintan Telani Ferry Terminal

1045G: Infra-red shot at Bintan Agro Beach Resort

1204G: Mermaid room 2101. The accommodation for Bintan Resort is much more luxurious compared to Tioman and Dayang. It is equipped with a bathtub with hotwater, as well as hair dryer. The toilet has mechanical ventilation, so that you can leave your wetsuit inside the bathroom to dry overnight.

1326G: Due to low tide, we had to board our boat at a different site, as the depth around the jetty were dried up.

1539G: students from OWD awaiting their Instructors to bring them down.

1823G: The day 1 dive ended after sunset.

2147G: Fireworks! There's a convenient store that sells pyrotechnics ranging from rockets to a combined 49 shots firework packages, as expensive as 1.3 million rupiah (approx SGD $100). Setting up the pyrotechnics and seeing them light up the night sky was certainly an experience you can't get in Singapore.

0703G: Crew of the Asiana Restaurant. Breakfast at Asiana Restaurant was awesome - there were a huge variety of local food available.

1051G: Sea snake

1358G: Cuttlefish

2006G: Group photo

Canon S100 GPS Log: The dive sites we went were "Umbrella Rock" and Jenny Jump. The visibility was approximately 3m while depth around 10m. Nothing much to see actually, compared to Tioman or Dayang.

Damages of this trip: SL3 flooded, D6 protector cracked

More pictures: Bintan Diving Trip (24-25 Nov 2012)

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