Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dayang trip assist (16-18 Aug 2013)

My 2nd trip assist.

Congratulations to the 7 OWD students in group 2 (with Freddy Goh)! A wonderful group, so nice to see how well they bonded together despite it's a short trip.

Saw whitetip shark, moray eel, stingrays, barracuda, crabs...

Dive #1
Location: Kadur
Depth: 6.4m
Bottom time: 66min (156H - 1302H)

Dive #2
Location: Kadur
Depth: 10.4m
Bottom time: 52min (1535H - 1627H)

Dive #3
Location: Teluran
Depth: 14.3m
Bottom time: 29min (1751H - 1820H)

Dive #4
Location: Lang Bay
Depth: 16.7m
Bottom time: 34min (2009H - 2043H)
*Night dive


Dive #5
Location: Lang Bay
Depth: 21.6m
Bottom time: 53min (0741H - 0834H)

Dive #6
Location: Atlantis Bay
Depth: 19.5m
Bottom time: 41min (1021H - 1102H)



Getting a bite near Mersing Jetty

Onboard Princess


Dayang Jetty

Tie buoy line

Preparing to descend

Little crab that followed us up on the boat


Blue-spotted stingray

White-tip shark

Moray eel

Leisure dive

Group photo

Noticed the heart-shaped nugget?


More pictures : Dayang trip assist (16-18 Aug 2013)

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