Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bali diving trip (19 - 24 Nov 2013)

20 Nov 13

Dive #1
Location: Crystal Bay
Max depth: 24.3m
Average depth : 15.5m
Bottom time: 31min (0931H - 1002H)
Temperature: 25°C

Dive #2
Location: Manta Point
Max depth: 19.5m
Average depth : 10.9m
Bottom time: 43min (1049H - 1132H)
Temperature: 26°C

Dive #3
Location: Manta Point
Max depth: 18.9m
Average depth : 10.0m
Bottom time: 42min (1224H - 1306H)
Temperature: 24°C


21 Nov 13

Dive #4
Location: Gili Minping
Max depth: 26.2m
Average depth : 15.5m
Bottom time: 35min (0901H - 0936H)
Temperature: 25°C

Dive #5
Location: Gili Tepekong
Max depth: 21.0m
Average depth : 13.1m
Bottom time: 44min (1031H - 1115H)
Temperature: 26°C


22 Nov 13

Dive #6
Location: Bloo Lagoon, Shark point
Max depth: 25.3m
Average depth : 14.3m
Bottom time: 61min (0935H - 1036H)
Temperature: 28°C

Dive #7
Location: Bloo Lagoon, Walldrop
Max depth: 23.1m
Average depth : 13.4m
Bottom time: 55min (1148H - 1243H)
Temperature: 28°C


Flight details S$180.00 for return trip with AirAsia

Boarding pass


Empty bottle got crushed when the plane landed due to pressure difference

Arrived at DPS (Ngurah Rai International Airport Denpasar)

Bus transfer

Awaiting luggage

Rp 350,000 per trip transfer from airport to Padang Bai

Celagi inn: Rp 150,000 per night


First dive


Packed lunch

Manta Ray

Street stall



Dinner at Puri Rai restaurant

Fighting cocks

Banana pancake breakfast

Last moment before the camera got flooded

Speed test on the wifi at Celagi Inn

Flooded SL3 dive-torch. This is my 2nd dive torch that got flooded.

20 Nov Dinner at Puri Rai restaurant : Grilled fish + Watermelon juice
21 Nov Dinner at Topi inn Restaurant : Spaghetti + juice -> Rp 99,000
22 Nov Dinner at Manggala : Chicken Cordon Blue + Juice -> Rp 78,000
23 Nov Lunch at Kerti restaurant: Seafood basket + Orange juice -> Rp 66,000
23 Nov Dinner at "No Name" : Grilled fish + Chicken Cordon blue + watermelon juice + Banana juice -> Rp 105,000

More pictures: Bali diving trip (19 - 24 Nov 2013)

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