Saturday, November 30, 2013

D.T. Herbs Functional Diet review

This is my personal review about the D.T. Herbs Functional Diet

I've seen a number of my Facebook friends promoting this item and I decided to give it a try. The D.T. HERBS Functional diet being low in calories (115 Kcal for the Vegetable Yam while 131 Kcal for the Cocoa Barley) aims to serve as an alternative to replace one or two of your daily meals so that you cut down on calories intake, so as to lose weight.

However, the nutrition values of the D.T. Herbs are way too low (Protein: 3.01g for the Vegetable Yam while 4.38g for the Cocoa Barley). Based on 1-2g of protein per Kilogram of your body weight requirement, a 65kg adult will need at least 65g of protein in his diet, that works out to be at least 20g of protein per meal. A 3-in-1 MILO® contain 2.6g of protein and much more nutrients such as Calcium, Iron, Vitamins etc. Being merely a beverage, the 3-in-1 Milo is certain more preferred over this meal replacement sachet. I would recommend 2 slices of wholemeal bread (145 Kcal and 7.4g protein), not forgetting the goodness of whole-grains. It also helps to make you feel full faster and last longer.

When I first added hotwater to my Cocoa Barley, it seems like the mixture does not dissolve readily and it looks like some 呕吐物 (vomit). The taste is awkward because it is not sweet and it indeed helps to "Reduce Appetite" as promoted/written on the sachet.

In conclusion, I don't recommend the D.T. Herbs Functional Diet for weight loss because while the calories may be low, the nutrition values do not replace a proper meal. The taste and look of the mixture are not appealing. Weight loss should not be blindly calculating and cutting down on calories. There is no point eating 30+ Kcal less, and you negligent other nutrient intake requirements.

The sachets

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