Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Phoon Huat workshop with Florence (15 Jan 2013)

Chocolate marble pound cake


Butter, sugar, glycerine, vanilla paste

Slowly adding in the eggs bit by bit

Different layers of mixture

Ready for the oven!


Chocolate marble pound cake done!


Fruits & nuts Biscotti

Preparing the fruits and nuts

Mixture done

Shaped into log shape and sent into the oven

Cut the log into slices, send them back to bake till golden colour

Fruits & nuts Biscotti done!



Boiling sugar + glucose

Adding the boiling sugar to the whipped up egg white

Pipe onto cooked corn flour before allowing it to set in the freezer

Dust with corn flour and cut with scissors.

More pictures: Phoon Huat workshop with Florence (15 Jan 2013)

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